TAG Terms & Conditions*

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

These terms and conditions are legally binding, so please read them through carefully before you accept and agree to the same. This agreement becomes effective between the Customer and TAG (PVT.) LTD (“EMI”), and its successors and permitted assigns, at the time of registration of the TAG Wallet account.

TAG wallet account is a digital wallet account that enables you to receive payments against good & services as well as to access your funds and make payments through the mobile wallet via smartphone-based app.

These terms and conditions and any amendments thereto notified in the manner specified herein (the "Terms & Conditions") set out the rights and obligations of the customer, and TAG, in connection with your use of the TAG wallet account service.

Opening of the TAG Mobile Wallet (Account Opening)
  • TAG Wallet account may be opened by the Customer through application or by TAG designated Agent(s) in the prescribed digital form on agent's app with biometric Verisys, or regular Verisys by the TAG. TAG shall be entitled at its sole discretion to accept or reject such applications that do not fulfill the requirements of the TAG's policy.

  • Any person opening or operating a TAG Mobile Wallet is deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

  • For the purpose of availing the services, the customer is required to be a mobile user of a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in Pakistan.

  • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that only one TAG Wallet account will be opened per CNIC and given mobile number, and the TAG Wallet account limits shall be applicable as per EMI rules and regulations.

  • Each TAG Wallet account shall possess a distinctive number which will be the same as the mobile number provided by the customer for the use of TAG Wallet Account Services, and which shall be quoted in all correspondence with TAG relating to the TAG Wallet account and for the purposes of availing the Services.

  • TAG shall make endeavors to preserve the secrecy of the TAG Wallet account of the Customer. Nevertheless, the TAG may disclose the information if such is required by any investigating agency or any Government agency in accordance with law.

  • Account will only be used for digital collection of payments against the provision of legitimate goods and services.

  • The Schedule of Charges can be reviewed on TAG's website www.tagme.pk.

Customer Responsibilities and Representations

The customer irrevocably and unconditionally undertakes to ensure the following:

  • The SIM of the mobile number provided by the Customer for use of TAG Wallet Account Services, shall be registered in the name of the Customer

  • The PIN, security codes, and personal information are kept confidential

  • To not let any unauthorized person have access to the mobile phone, the PIN, personal information and security codes.

  • To not leave his/her mobile phone unattended. Someone having access to the customer's personal information, security codes and/or PIN, may use it wrongfully.

  • To not, in any circumstances, store the PIN or security codes on his or her mobile phone.

  • To regularly change his or her PIN and security codes and avoid using easy-to-guess passwords and easily available personal information like birthdays, nicknames, mother's maiden name or consecutive numbers.

  • To ensure that the mobile or other electronic device being used to access the TAG Wallet account does not contain any spyware, worms, key logger, Trojans etc. that could result in a security breach of the customer's personal information or security codes.

  • To not to under any circumstances give PIN and security codes in response to a voice call on their mobile phone that claims to be from any Bank or EMI.

  • To not under any circumstances enter his or her PIN, security codes or personal information on any website, link received in an SMS or email, or on any other medium, which asks for his or her personal credentials until or unless the customer him/herself initiates a request.

  • The customer indemnifies TAG from any loss or damage occurred due to any breach of terms and Conditions, negligence or inaction by the customer, or due to any network disruption occurring at the cellular service provider end.

  • TAG will have the right to block amount or suspend the account prior to the investigation in case of any fraudulent activity/deposit/transfer intimation is received from any financial institution / investigating agency or any Government agency in accordance with law.

  • The customer shall at all times be liable to pay to TAG for any amount transferred to his TAG wallet account in excess of his rightful ownership be it due to system error or due to technical glitch and TAG will also have the right to mark debit/recover the involved amount from the account of customer.

  • The customer shall be solely responsible for any illegal funds transfer and money laundering activity carried out through his/her account.

  • TAG will have the right to suspend the account in case if any suspicious, unusual transaction is observed in account during transaction monitoring and the TAG will have the right to ask/investigate the transaction detail from the customer.

  • TAG shall not be held responsible for any service issue(s) faced by the account holder due to mobile network portability (MNP).

* The latest TAG Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are available on TAG's website www.tagme.pk.
Note: In case TAG gets any information regarding the breach of its Terms and Conditions by the Customer, TAG shall have the right to close the TAG Mobile Wallet account with or without any further notice as per its discretion.

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